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Sylvan's Mission and Aspiration

Kyungsun Chung23.01.01

"We connect capital, businesses, and communities to create fundamental solutions to critical problems."


To achieve the mission of “connecting capital, businesses, and communities to create fundamental solutions to critical problems” and to become a norm-setter of ESG investment, Sylvan primarily focuses on three factors.


First, we continuously develop regional and sectoral expertise via collaboration with strategic LPs (Limited Partners). We work closely with industry-leading companies in the Asia Pacific to foster impact investment and accumulate knowledge. Then, with a deep understanding of what is truly needed for impact transformation, we invest and manage projects to grow as optimal forms of new impact business for industry giants.


Second, we value and possess high analytical skills in impact areas. For example, the impact of technologies, even in the same area, say, of healthcare or green technology, can vary between countries. Therefore, through data analysis and research conducted in advance, Sylvan identifies the most pressing social and environmental problems in each country, and seeks maximum-impact solutions for them.


Third, not surprisingly, we focus on making successful deals with the support of our experienced team. In Asia, today, it is more important than ever to demonstrate that high returns are viable in large-scale impact investments. We believe that this is the best way of attracting more capital in the impact areas. Sylvan aims to become the benchmark for impact investing in Asia through successful sourcing, acquisitions, business growth and impact transformation, and exits, providing both financial and social value to the investors.


"We have established the Sylvan Sustainability Lab (SSL) to develop ESG & Impact expertise."


Many people question how Sylvan can create both high financial return and the desired impact via the vehicle, Buyout PE. Solely generating stable returns on investment is not easy; ESG is widely perceived as a cost. We also understand that this is a very difficult task; therefore, we have established the Sylvan Sustainability Lab (SSL) to develop ESG & Impact expertise, integrate impact/ESG elements throughout the entire investment process, and strive for the growth of impact business through partnership and sponsorship.