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Sylvan’s Investment Theme

Kyungsun Chung23.01.13


Sylvan aims to help make a more sustainable and inclusive world through investment. In particular, we acquire medium and large-size enterprises with the potential to create a positive footprint and transform them into more ESG-oriented companies to produce a significant outcome.

Focusing on creating the outcome of ESG performance, Sylvan makes investments in the themes we have confidence in. Sylvan’s investment themes are "Climate & Environmental Action," "Inclusive Growth," and "Innovation for Sustainable Life." We preemptively review whether a deal can make a substantial impact in the specific countries and regions we invest in through in-depth research, and we also measure and evaluate our impacts based on data.



Regarding “Climate and Environment Action”, we have a sense of urgency to find investment opportunities because they directly affect the sustainability of humankind. Typical target areas include renewable energy and energy-efficient infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions, and waste management and recycling companies to curb detrimental effects of humanity on earth. In addition, we target to invest in climate adaptation technology, such as water treatment and flood control systems, because it is expected to grow due to irreversible trends or rising temperature.  

The "Inclusive Growth" theme represents our dedication to investment in companies that contribute to building a society where people live a humane life, being resilient to resource depletion, aging population, and climate change. We invest in companies that provide medical, educational, and financial services with high quality at reasonable prices.

Under the “Innovation of Sustainable Life” theme, we invest in companies that develop and commercialize future-oriented technology for humanity. We support the growth of technology-based companies that go beyond the traditional business model that is resource intensive and exploits human rights, animal rights, and natural resources. We are looking for and scaling-up the companies like indoor farming and digital healthcare, which provide food, medical treatment, and social safety in more efficient and optimal ways.

Sylvan tries to provide the contexts for our impact by collaborating with professionals. For instance, the form of medical innovation should be different between nations with aging populations and nations with young populations; educational innovation should be varied by country according to the level of educational infrastructure.

We look for investment opportunities to maximize the impact for each country with our ESG & impact think-tank, Sylvan Sustainability Lab (SSL). By thoroughly measuring our impact and implementing ESG strategy, Sylvan will achieve our goal with the themes of "Climate & Environmental Action, higher “Inclusive Growth”, and “Innovation for Sustainable Life.